Tekka 0X22
Tekka 0X22
Tekka 0X22
Tekka 0X22

Tekka 0X22

Size Chart

Stacker set 3 x Tekka 0022
pure organic Australian gold 90-95% (22-23K)
pure organic gold/silver blend 55-62% (13-15K)
recycled silver/pure organic gold blend 93% silver 5 % organic gold 2 % organic glacier copper
All rings are androgynous as is the soul of us all. We offer a variety of textures. Some are inspired by the soft feminine nature, others by the more electric masculine energy and some a union of both. Whichever calls to you is that which will best compliment your essential field.
As each item is made by hand, there may be slight variations which makes each creation unique. Handmade to order ships in 2-4 weeks.