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Logos Cuff

Logos Cuff X1 - Gold
Logos Cuff X1 - Silver
Logos Cuff X1 - Gold front
Logos Cuff X1 - Silver front
Logos Cuff X1 - Gold Right
Logos Cuff X1 - Silver Right
Logos Cuff X1 - Silver Side
Logos Cuff X1 - Gold Side
Logos Cuff X1 - Gold Flat
Logos Cuff X1 - Silver Flat

Logos Cuff

The LOGOS cuff links the worlds of modern design and the embellishment of ancient Greece. Drawing from the architecture of the Corinthian order and the era of Aegean craftsmanship.

Like the treasures of ancient Greece, the LOGOS cuff is meticulously delineated by our designers to last through the ages and acts as an heirloom for centuries to come.

A piece that truly never goes out of style.

(20.5 K) 
Pure Organic Yukon Gold (AU) 86% - Pure Organic Yukon Silver (AG) 14%

Pure Organic Silver (AG) 92.5% - Glacial Copper (CU) 7% - Organic Yukon Gold (AU) .5%


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