Tekka Diamond X10 - Front
Tekka Diamond X10 - Side
Tekka Diamond Gold - Front
Tekka Diamond Gold - Top View
Tekka Diamond Gold - Side Bottom
Tekka Diamond Electrum - Top
Tekka Diamond Electrum - Side Bottom

Tekka Diamond X10

Size Chart

.44ct VS-1 Ethically sourced diamonds 
The band is 13mm thick
pure organic Yukon gold 80% AG 20% AU
pure organic gold/silver blend 55-62% (13-15K)
All rings are androgynous as is the soul of us all. We offer a variety of textures. Some are inspired by the soft feminine nature, others by the more electric masculine energy and some a union of both. Whichever calls to you is that which will best compliment your essential field.
As each item is made by hand, there may be slight variations which makes each creation unique. Handmade to order ships in 2-4 weeks. 



Sustainably SOurced
Sustainably SOurced

We source our gold from earth friendly mines, all of the gold is found with metal detectors and is found in the form of nuggets. We then melt these nuggets down in a specific organic refinement process to create the perfect elemental alloy blends

Hand Woven
Hand Woven

You can feel the difference when you wear our alchemical organic alloys. Everything that we make is handmade & each piece is one of a kind.

Spells Forged in gold
Spells Forged in gold

Each ring is created with a specific story, the embodiment of with the personality & vibration of different Gods & Goddesses from ancient cultures. This is a family tree of the highest versions of our self, we are the legends, life lives through us.



It was said in the beginning, that gold was born in a supernova nucleosynthesis; from the collision of neutron stars. 

It is said that gold has been present in the dust from which the solar system formed. An ancient presence as old as time itself. This immortal energy, birthed from chaos with a fitting name, "tears of the sun"

Recognized thousands and thousands of years ago for its value; gold has been an intimate part of human history, correlated consistently with the gods.

Yet with the rise of the industrial complex, like many other things, the extraction and processing of this ancient element has become polluted. 

We now pillage the earth for profit. We have damaged eco systems, displaced tribes, and caused extinction to many species all for the sake of gain. We have arrived into an age of needing to question the impact of the investments we make as individuals. We stand at the precipice of a new age of consciousness entrepreneurs.

And from this precipice MYST is born.

A Brand with a mission to change how we see gold.

With a vision of transition into a sustainable and harmonious relationship with this ancient element. 

Here to offer the power of sustainably sourced and ethically processed gold.

May the vibration it hold awaken the God within.


Guaranteed fit

If it doesn't fit, we will resize the ring free of charge