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Aurum Logos

Single origin organic gold

~90% AG ~10% AU

The Aurum blend highlights the absolute beauty of one of the purest forms of gold the world has ever known. The Aurum blend screams authenticity and demands attention. Its color and sheen are vivid and masterful. The gold is gathered directly from the ground, and its purity is virtually unheard of. This gold remains pristine, never processed or separated, living on as the ancients intended, glowing with a deep golden yellow hue. Each piece minted from Aurum has a dynamic, lavish, and effortless feel. The world’s most exceptional gold blend embodies royalty in every sense of the word with its enchanting composition.

Aurme Logos

Multi-origin small batch alloy

~80% AG ~20% AU

The Aurme blend is pure, delicate, and amicable. Aurme is a perfectly balanced gold blend, embodying the power and elegance of lunar energy. With more hints of silver than its Aurum counterpart, this gold is slightly more light-toned in its shade but still shines a bright, luxurious yellow, and when compared to any other industry gold, its supreme beauty, and brilliance speak for itself. Every piece made from the Aurme blend exudes elegance and fluidity. This fresh and contemporary blend draws attention to the stunning aspects of both gold and silver.

Electrum Logos

Green gold 50/50 alloy

~60% AU ~40% AG

In ancient times the word Electrum was used to describe God's appearance; this “Holy metal” has been a staple of importance and spirituality since the earliest forms of trade. This ancient alloy occurs naturally, but its composition has been reproduced by humans. This amber-gold fusion was used frequently in ancient alchemical practices, from crafting amulets to crowning Egyptian pyramids; today, it is similar to green gold. Our unique Electrum blend is found naturally occurring within the mines of Nevada. Its peculiar texture and tone allow its radiance to shine through fully with mesmerizing movement and life.

Oros Logos

White Gold alloy blend

~50% AU ~45% AG ~5% CU

This snowy gold blend consists of Aurme, recycled silver, and Michigan float copper. This blend varies, with each batch having its own unique composition. In complexion, it is similar to most white gold blends; it projects light and ethereal energy. This celestial mixture feels effortless against your skin and is the perfect subtle blend of gold and a silver finish that accentuates the elegant gold finish. This blend finds its value in its unparalleled clarity and vivacity, giving the wearer a sense of calm and immunity.

Orix Logos

Rose Gold alloy blend

~66.66% AU ~33.33% CU

The Orix alloy is our take on a rose gold blend; it consists of Aurme and Michigan float copper. Utilizing these organic elements, we bypass the destructive processes of refining copper and mining industry gold, using only natural methods to deliver sterling authenticity with each collection. Each piece crafted from the Orix blend has a tranquil, dignified disposition, carrying with it a sense of felicity and balance.

Argenta Logos

Silver alloy blend

~92.5% AG ~5% AU ~2.5% CU

Argenta is our signature silver blend. Argenta is the only silver blend in circulation that contains gold. We wanted to increase resistance to tarnish and enhance durability while still using our complete minerals like Michigan copper and Yukon gold. This distinctive blend’s rich and flawless hue gives the wearer a genuine sense of power and security. The Argenta silver blend is of superlative quality, so pure and hypnotic it can only be described by a single word: Vivid.

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