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Our Story

The MYST collective weaves ancient archetypal truths throughout minerals that, through our eyes, most closely resemble the indescribable beauty and mystical grandeur of the human being and it’s capabilities. We believe that each human being is born with a divine inherent connection with the source of all that is and will ever be. We believe that each and every being is capable of connecting to the purity of creation and so we offer only the finest organic gold and luminescent stones to reflect this perfection that we see in you. There is so much that is beautiful about being in form and to showcase this, we weave stories of great ones whom you are descended from and who you will ascend to again. May you feel the grace and omnipotence of your humanity. May you be inspired by our offering to you. May you see and feel the abundance that is yours in everything and in every one. 


As an electromagnetic extension of source, you are a creator god/dess. The tools you find offered by us here may assist you in merging with your greatest potential. You are powerful beyond measure. The love that you are has the power to create a new world and you have already begun. The gold you will encounter here is as pure as the sunlight who is its true face in higher reality. The crystal beings intertwined in a dance with this golden energy magnetize this same face of sun <light> unto themselves, focusing this light to amplify specific energies that assist the alchemist in aligning with that which s/he chooses to to bring order to her/his own massa confusa, or primordial chaos, from which a universe of their own choosing is born.