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As artisans with a profound regard for the health of our planet, MYST offers you gold that is sustainably collected and tracked to ensure we leave the most minor impact possible on the planet and retain as many organic and natural properties from our minerals as possible.

Each piece of gold is hand-selected by MYST and refined in-house, using the same method our ancestors perfected millennia ago.

As the gold melts, the impurities rise to the surface; this reveals a substance of unmatched purity.

An ancient gift hidden within our planet, this golden alloy is hand spun into rings with the precise intention of weaving modern armor to protect you on an energetic level. This historical connection to our ancestors and the innate freedom that comes with timeless beauty is what MYST strives for. 


MYST sources 2 different types of sustainable gold for our jewelry: 

Sustainably harvested Australian Gold Nuggets, these test at 94-98% pure gold before our refining process. After this process, the gold purity ranges from 96-98.5% pure.

Sustainably harvested Yukon Gold Nuggets, these test at 90-92% pure gold before our refining process. After this process, the gold purity ranges from 94-97% pure.

We do not grade our gold using the Karat system; we use exact numbers to define the purity.

916 (22k) 

958 (23K) 

98.5 (24K)

Each piece of gold differs depending on the location where the gold was found. We know the exact source of the gold we utilize, down to the date harvested. The standard in the gold market is to buy processed gold that has been parted from its original organic form; through this process of mixing molten gold with acid, the silver is separated, and the gold is captured. 

Through our studies into ancient cultures & working with pure gold, we have discovered that gold and silver are molecularly bound in a cosmic love story. Gold holds the essence of the sun, and silver contains the essence of the moon. Silver is the most refractive substance in the universe, and when it is molecularly bound with gold which holds the essence of the sun, it creates what the Egyptians called Electrum. A substance that is pure, whole, and honored as equal.

Bringing this ancient wisdom into the present, we can activate our body, mind & spirit in symbiotic relation with our destined paths.

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