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JEWL // 005

JEWL // 005

JEWL // 005

This edition of the JEWL ring is understated but exceedingly electric in design.

The ultimate statement in modern nobility. 

Crafted for those who rule their own realm,

and make their own rules.

Adorned by the delicate yet dangerous,

that is the spirit of the JEWL ring.


The IKON collection is an ode to sovereign traditions and ancient exactitude. Each member of this cryptic ensemble embodies fluidity and regal recognition. An elite sect of ordainments that defined class and refined elegance worn by nobility as a showcase of their storied legacies.


 .800 / 19 K

Blend : Pur Organic Yukon / Australian Gold Blend (AU) 80%, Pur Organic Silver (AG) 20%



VS1 Fancy Yellow Diamond, Namibia (0.29 ct)

Natural colored diamonds are extremely rare. Only 1 in 10,000 carats of diamonds are colored, and only 60% of the colored stones are Yellow Diamonds - 1 in 16,665 carats


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